Articles by Sarah Helton

Special Children - September 2018

Childhood Bereavement

Advice on supporting children through the emotional turmoil of bereavement and loss.

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Teachwire - August 2018

What do teachers new to special education (SEND) need to know?

New to special ed? Sarah Helton and a small, tight-knit community of professionals are ready to welcome you this September...

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SENCo Magazine - June 2018

The language of life experiences

An English lesson plan that teaches about the language of emotions from key life events.

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The Association for Child and Adolescent Mental Health - December 2017

The inclusive nature of bereavement - all children grieve

An article looking at the fact that all children grief, regardless of their cognitive abilities.

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Teachwire - September 2017

10 tips to help staff in their first year at a special school

New to special schools? This article gives expert advice to help you help students.

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Teachwire - June 2017

What's the right way to respond to a child with SEND who's grieving 

The article looks at how schools can support children with SEND through the difficult process of bereavement.

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SEN Magazine - November 2016

Grief Unspoken 

An article explaining how to support children with SEN through bereavement and grief.

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